Come Fly With Us (15sturmelle style)

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  • Starfire(Teen Titans)-Sierra
  • Robin(Teen Titans)-Cody
  • Riley Daring(The Replacements)-Izzy
  • Blossom(Powerpuff Girls)-Bridgette
  • Bubbles(Powerpuff Girls)-Lindsay
  • Sideshow Bob(The Simpsons)-Alejandro
  • Francis(Fairly Odd Parents)-Duncan
  • Numbuh 101(Codename:Kids Next Door)-Harold
  • Sam Manson(Danny Phantom)-Gwen
  • Sedusa(Powerpuff Girls)-Courtney
  • AJ(Fairly Odd Parents)-DJ
  • Libby Folfax(Jimmy Neutron)-Leshawna
  • Jinx(Teen Titans)-Heather
  • Rolf(Ed,Edd,n Eddy)-Ezekiel
  • Squidward(Spongebob Squarepants)-Noah
  • Comic Book Guy(The Simpsons)-Owen
  • Norm The Genie(Fairly Odd Parents)-Chris
  • Cyborg(Teen Titans)-Chef


Sedusa: Up!

Sedusa and Riley: Up!

Sedusa, Riley, and Starfire: Up!

Sedusa, Riley, Starfire, and Bubbles: Up!

Numbuh 101: Sing!

Numbuh 101 and Robin: Sing!

Numbuh 101, Robin, and AJ: Sing!

Numbuh 101, Robin, AJ, and Samurai Jack: Sing!

Jinx, Libby, Blossom, Sedusa, Riley, Starfire, and Bubbles: We're flying.

Sideshow Bob, Squidward, Numbuh 101, Robin, AJ, and Samurai Jack: And singing.

Everyone (except Sam, Francis, Rolf, and Comic Book Guy): We're flying and we're singing!

Starfire: Come fly with us!

Starfire and Robin: Come fly with us!

Riley: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!

Blossom: Come fly with us!

Blossom and Bubbles: Come fly with us!

Sideshow Bob: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must.

Francis: Dudes, this is messed. You're singing in a plane.

Numbuh 101: What did you expect? Norm is freaking insane.

Sam: Yeah, but, guys, you're singing on TV!

Sedusa: Haven't you always wanted to? It can't just be me!

AJ: Come fly with us!

AJ and Libby: Come fly with us!

Jinx: Do you know how to steer this thing?!

Cyborg: I try.

Rolf: They thought they could leave me and depart, but this stowaway's got winning in his heart!

Squidward: Come fly with us! Come die with us!

Comic Book Guy: We're flying?! I hate flying! Stop the plane! (gets hit on the head with a frying pan, courtesy of Norm)

Starfire, AJ, Robin, and Jinx: Come fly with us! Come sing with us!

Sam and Francis: No!

Norm the Genie: Anyone care for a copy of the season three rules? Because in order to escape instant elimination-

Blossom: All contestants must sing in each show!

Sedusa: Francis, do it! Let's go!

Robin: Sam, sing it! Don't go!

Sam: Well, I don't wanna go home. Come fly with us! Come fly with us! Come and fly with us!

Sedusa: Francis, come on! Please?

Francis: This sucks!

Everyone (except Francis, Comic Book Guy, and Rolf): Yeah!

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