Disney version of "Come Fly With Us" from the Total Drama World Tour episode "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1".


  • Penny-Sierra
  • Cody-Cody
  • Merida-Izzy
  • Esmeralda-Bridgette
  • Megara-Lindsay
  • Captain Hook-Alejandro
  • Aladdin-Duncan
  • Milo-Harold
  • Mulan-Gwen
  • Jasmine-Courtney
  • Kronk-DJ
  • Kida-Leshawna
  • Maleficent-Heather
  • Commander Nebula-Chef
  • Norbert Klerm-Ezekiel
  • Peter Pan-Noah
  • Winnie The Pooh-Owen
  • Syndrome-Chris

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