Comedy Crew is a series consisting of two live sketch comedies (entitled The Comedy Crew and Comedy Crew 2.) The most common charater is Bernard Bontro, played by Samuel Hargreaves.

The Competition: Comedy Inc. The Late Shift and Big Bite.

Characters and Segments

Bernard Bontro: An old man who appears on talk shows, and always complains whenever someone says something that has nothing to do with his beard. (Appears in all shows).

Dr Reed: A dodgy inventor. (Appears in the 2006 show and the upcoming movie.)

Dancing with the Stars: A parody of the original show, Dancing with the Stars. (Appears in the 2007 show, with contestants John Howard and Magda Szubanski dancing together).

The Hitchhiker: A hitchhiker who gets the weirdest lifts. (Appears in the 2007 show).

The Court Judge: A court judge who doesn't know what the word, "guilty" means. (Appears in the 2006 show).

Video Hits: A version of the Channel 10 show, Video Hits, featuring parodies of existing songs. (Appears in all shows as Video Hits in 2006, Instrument Hits in 2007 and M-TV in the movie.

Other Segment Information

Dr Reed's products

-The Payback Radio (2006)

-Swearing Thomas the Tank Engine (Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy series 3)

-My First Hand Grenade (Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy series 3).

More Dr Reed information

Dr Reed is about to make an appearence in Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy. He will be a new segment character.

Shows Bernard Bontro has appeared on

-The Jimmy Throne Show (2006)

-Sunrise (2007)


The Comedy Crew

Fireman Sam: Sam (Samuel Hargreaves) complains to his lazy mate (Mitchell Giggins) about a house being on fire on their day off.

Video Hits: A parody of the song, Big Grey's Pond, is performed.

Brad the Brat: Brad (Bradley Cleal) takes the batteries out of his grandfather's (Samuel Hargreaves) TV remote.

National Nine News: Part 1: Peter Slaptioner (Mitchell Giggins) talks about how a racing rookie has died after driving over the edge of a cliff.

The Bad Guys: A parody of The Good Guys commercials.

Dr Reed: Dr Reed (Samuel Hargreaves) promotes the Payback Radio.

National Nine News: Part 2: Peter (Mitchell Giggins) talks about how a serial killer (reffered to as, "the Melbourne Murderer") kills someone who was already dead.

Bernard Bontro: Bernard (Samuel Hargreaves) goes on The Jimmy Throne Show.

Court Judge A Court Judge (Samuel Hargreaves) reveals that he doesn't know what the word "guilty" means.


The Court Judge scene was un-cut from the Let Me Entertain You DVD.

Comedy Crew 2

Bernard Bontro: Bernard (Samuel Hargreaves) makes an appearance on Sunrise.

Dancing with the Stars: John Howard (Samuel Hargreaves) dances with Magda Szubanski (Dale Barker) to Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee and Stacy's Mum.

Behind the News: Nathan Bazely (Shane) makes a total screw-up of himself when he announces that the show will start "after the break."

Hitchhiker: A school boy (Shane) gives a hitchhiker (Samuel Hargreaves) a lift in his schoolbag.

Instrument Hits: Samuel Hargreaves performs a parody of Long Way to the Top about the drought, and Jordan Benton performs Beyond the Sea.


Samuel Hargreaves is the only actor to have appeared in both shows.

Show Credits

Creator: Samuel Hargreaves.

The Comedy Crew


Joshua Bonnacci

Bradley Cleal

Mitchell Giggins is mad

Samuel Hargreaves

Chris Sawtell


Bradley Cleal

Samuel Hargreaves


Samuel Hargreaves

Comedy Crew 2


Dale Barker

Jordan Benton

Samuel Hargreaves

Josh Richardson



Jordan Benton

Samuel Hargreaves

Graphics designer:


Sad news

Comedy Crew 3 has been cancelled due to lack of possibillity. Dr Reed's products for that movie will appear in series 3 of Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy.

Other shows by this creator

Samuel Hargreaves's Craziest Comedy

Fred and Stanley

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