Comedy World Clips with Thomas Sounds.

Version 1

Yoshi (from Mario) as Thomas (both clever)

Lex (from Bookworm) as Percy (both green)

Strong Bad (from Homestar) as James (both red and vain)

Orange (from Annoying Orange) as Toby (Rex can't be toby.)

Maxwell (From the Geico Commercials) as Oliver

Muttley (from the Wacky Races) as Diesel 10 (both evil)

Chris McLean (from Total Drama) as fat controller (both bossy)

Hamm (from Toy story) as Gordon

Sid (from Ice Age) as Duck

Bloat (Nemo) as Henry

Top Cat as Donald

Choo Choo as Douglas

Benson as Oliver

Version 2

Zero (Numberjacks) as Thomas

MudBud (Air buddies) as Edward

Choo Choo (Top Cat) as Henry

Top Cat as Gordon

B-Dawg (Buddies) as James

Nine (Numtums) as Percy

Homestar Runner as Toby

Woody (Toy story) as Duck

Six and Seven (Numtums) as Donald and Douglas

Numbertaker (Numberjacks) as Diesel

Tails (Sonic) as Skarloey

Three (Numtums) as Rheneas

Six (Numberjacks) as Sir Handel

Eight (Numberjacks) As Peter Sam

Olaf (Frozen) as Rusty

Muttley (Wacky Races) as Duncan

Strong Bad as Duke

Scallion 1 as Horrid Lorry 2

Scallion 2 as Horrid Lorry 3

Scallion 3 as Horrid Lorry 1

Yoshi (Mario) as Harold

Two (Numberjacks) as Bertie

One (Numberjacks) as Emily

Stephen (King of the Railway) as Himself

Ten (Numtums) as Flora

Four (Numtums) as Molly

Five (Numtums) as Rosie

One (Numtums) as Connor

Eight (Numtums) as Stanley

Vinnie Gill as Billy

Two (Numtums) as Caitlin

Alec (Presto) as Neville

Version 3

Stepney (Thomas) as Thomas (Both Clever)

Odie (Garfield) as Edward (Both Nice)

Strong Sad (Homestar Runner) as Henry (Both get Sad sometimes)

Benny (Dora) as Gordon (Both Blue)

Garfield as James (Both vain)

Yoshi (Mario) as Percy (Both Green)

Tico (Dora) as Toby (Both Clever)

Top Cat as Duck (Both Western)

Percy (Thomas) as Donald (Both Engines)

Toby (Thomas) as Douglas (Both Engines)

Choo Choo (Top Cat) as Oliver (Both friends to Duck and Top Cat.)

Isa (Dora) as Emily (Both Green)

Zero (Numberjacks) as Bertie (Both Silly)

Muttley (Wacky Races) as Diesel (Both Naughty)

Jason (Friday the 13th) as Diesel 10 (Both Scary)

Boshi as Bulstrode (Both Bad to Percy and Yoshi)

Troublesome Trucks as Themselves

Donald Duck as Bill

Daffy Duck as Ben

Rigby (Regular Show) as Skarloey (Both Famous)

Boo-Boo Bear as Rheneas (Both Famous like Rigby and Skarloey)

Strong Bad (Homestar) as Sir handel (Both Tricky)

Rex (Toy Story) as Peter Sam (Both Green)

Oliver (Oliver and Company) as Rusty (Both Orange)

Sarge (Cars) as Duncan (Both Bossy)

Benson (Regular Show) as Sir Topham Hatt

Marshie (Homestar Runner) as Spencer (Both White)

RoboCop as Victor

Quick Draw McGraw as Kevin

Six (Numberjacks) as Boco

Applejack (MLP) as Lady

Pa Grape (Veggietales) as Salty

Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races) as Arry

Lotso (Toy Story) as Bert

Emmitt Nervend (Freakaziod) as Boulder (Both Killers)

Mario as Stanley

Luigi (Mario) as Connor

Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder) as Caitlin

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