Version 1 Characters

Yoshi is Peter Prefect (both say "oh fiddlesticks")

Lex as Pat Pending

Rose (Yoshi's Girlfriend) as Penelope Pitstop (Penelope and Rose are both wear pink.)

Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Private Meekly

Yogi Bear as Sergant Blast

Woody from Toy Story as Red Max

Mario as Luke

Luigi (from mario) as Blubber

Top Cat as Lttile Grusome

Choo Choo as Big Grusome

Bill (thomas) as Rock

Ben (thomas) as gravel

Andy's Toys *Expect Woody* as Ant hill mob (Buzz as Clyde)

Percy (Thomas) as Sawtooth

James (Thomas) as Rufus Ruffcut

Zurg (toy story) as Dick (Both evil)

Helmet Pig (Angry Birds) as Muttley

Oliver (Thomas) as Elmer

Stage 7 boss (Alien Syndrome) as The Hooded Claw.

Jeremy (Regular show) as War Games Genral

Chad (Regular Show) as War Games driver

7 (9) as Female Alligator

Spencer (Thomas) as Cop from episode 15

Version 2

Thomas (Thomas) as Rock

Percy (Thomas) as Gravel

Strong Bad as Little Grusome

Strong Mad as Big Grusome

Luigi (Mario) as Pat Pending

Mario (Mario) as Red Max

Floral (Hillbilly Bears) as Penelope

Ricochet Rabbit as Private Meekley

Droop-a-long as Sarge

Buzz Lightyear and the toys (Toy Story) as Ant hill mob

Duck (Thomas) as Luke

Edward (Thomas) as Blubber

Top Cat as Peter

Megaman as Sawtooth

Zero (Megaman) as Rufus

Marshie (Homestar Runner) as Dick Dastardly

George (Thomas) as Muttley

Ten (Numtums) as Female Alligator

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