Comm Links are a cross between visual cellphones and high-tech PDAs. All Xal-Fettk members are given one and can use them to communicate or send important data-files. Below are the main features.

Notes: Comm Links can be updated with new features at any time. Comm Links only work on Metru-Nui due to the Xal-Fettk's broadcasting range.


The Comm Link's most well-known feature is the ability to communicate via airwaves. Along with sending the vocals of another person, Comms have built in micro-cameras that send visuals aswell. This is extremely helpful most of the time, but during battles it could cause problems.

Private Lines

'Private Lines' exist that transmit Comms with many distortion and decoys, so that the Xal-Fettk can send Comms without them be detected. This is not an automatic function, but rather something built into the Comms if the Agent so wishes to buy it.


Comms have detailed maps of all of Metru-Nui, and other Agents can highlight areas of importance using the Comm. Such as rendevous points, bounties, or bases. Agents can highlight these places via their own Comm, and can choose to send it to all Agents or just one.

Data Transfering

Electronic documents can be transmited using the Comms, along with pictures, videos, or audio files. However that doesn't mean you should download illegal movies or music of the internet, Agents. :P

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