These Are The Commercial Breaks During Elmopalooza (The February 20, 1998 ABC Broadcast) (Columbia TriStar Television Version)


  1. Buick Commercial
    Quaker Bagged Cereal Commercial

    This was taken from The Commercial Breaks During Elmopalooza. (The February 20, 1998 ABC Broadcast.) (Columbia TriStar Television Version.)

  2. Quaker Bag Cereals Commercial
  3. Children's Advil Commercial
  4. Coldwell Banker Commercial
  5. Duracell Commercial
  6. Reynolds Wrap Commercial
  7. Bisquick Pancakes Commercial
  8. Something So Right Debut Promo
  9. Dodge Stratus Commercial
  10. Pro Cuts Commercial
  11. L&M Electronics Commerical
  12. World News Tonight with Peter Jennings Promo
  13. KXXV First Alert Storm Team ID
  14. ABC Oscar ID (Clipped)
  15. Twilight Movie TV Spot
  16. Chevy Blazer Commercial
  17. Ericsson Commercial
  18. Trident Commercial
  19. Certs Commercial
  20. Herbal Essences Commercial
  21. Burger King Commercial
  22. ABC Black History Month ID
  23. Wednesday Night Lineup (Spin City/Dharma & Greg) Promo
  24. That's Life Debut Promo
  25. Virtual Obsession Promo
  26. Hercules VHS TV Spot
  27. The Wonderful World Of Disney: Pocahontas Promo
  28. Walt Disney World Commercial

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