These Are The Commercial Breaks from Pinocchio's Christmas (The December 3, 1980 ABC Broadcast) (Warner Bros. Television Version)

  1. McDonald's Commercial
    ABC NFL Thursday Night Edition

    This was taken from The Commercial Breaks from Pinocchio's Christmas. (The December 3, 1980 ABC Broadcast.) (Warner Bros. Television Version.)

  2. Kodak Commercial
  3. Gold Circle Commercial
  4. Maxwell House Commercial
  5. Sears Commercial
  6. Volkswagen Commercial
  7. Kinney Shoes Commercial
  8. Happy Days Promo
  9. Laverne and Shirley Promo
  10. Three's Company Promo
  11. Too Close for Comfort Promo
  12. Taxi Promo
  13. ABC NFL Thursday Night Edition Promo
  14. Newsbrief with Sam Donaldson

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