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Confirmable Facts

  • The Carthians claim to be devoted to defending Kindred freedom and equality.


  • The Carthians are a subversive band of Neonates whose only goal is the destruction of kindred society.
  • They all seem a little nutty, but seem to have nothing particularly interesting about them other than that.
  • The Carthian Movement has a Grand Master Plan that will lead to the destruction or exile of all non-Carthians in San Andreas. The last step that was completed resulted in the current decimation of the San Andreas Invictus.
  • The Carthian Movement is a pacifist organization that does not believe in violence.
  • The Carthians base their philosophy on communism.
  • The Carthians are actually an organized faction of VII working from the inside to complete their true mission, the elimination of all Kindred.

Current members & their City Status

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