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Circle of the Crone

Confirmable Facts

  • The head of the Circle was the Prince of the city, the "Jarl."
  • The Circle practices the worship of pagan gods and goddesses.


  • Ragnar Thrice Born, Yrsa, and Christian Michaels come from the Scandinavia.
    • These Kindred bear a lineage so powerful that their Ancestors come to aid

them upon being called.

  • The Circle of the Crone of San Andreas is renowned for hospitality. When given hospitality to another, they vigorously defend whomever they are charged with.
  • It is said in certain circles of Longinus that Jarl Ragnar himself sacrifices a newborn child to his pagan gods and goddesses to maintain peace in the city.
  • There are rumors that Ragnar Thrice Born and his blood brother Sigurd once hunted down and eradicated an entire pack of Garou in one night.
  • Ragnar claims to be the Avatar of the Norse God Odin. He claims his sire is Hel – Goddess of the underworld.
  • The Circle of the Crone has the power to call down lightning from the sky.
  • The Circle of the Crone is really a faction of Belial’s Brood.
  • Acolytes who learn the secrets of the Covenant from Hierophant Thrice-Born must first give him their soul.
  • There is but one rumor of an Acolyte who sought to betray some ancient lore of the Crone to another Kindred not of the Coven. It is said that Kindred managed to speak only one syllable in reference to blood magic before being destroyed utterly along with his pupil. It is said the room in which their ashes were found had been scorched black by a heat source so potent that only white figures on the wall where they once had stood gave witness to their existence.
    • Some whisper the syllable uttered sounded like "Cruac," whatever that might mean.
  • The Jarl's rejection of the standard titles of Kindred society are just one indication that he's gone completely mad.
  • The Jarl has been driven completely insane by the demands of his Magic, probably from the Diablerie involved in performing the greatest rites.
  • The Circle use a mysterious form of Blood Magic.
  • Their magic requires the sacrifice of Vitae, sometimes directly from living sources.
  • On nights of the full moon upper level members of the covenant fly about on brooms wearing pointy hats. The reason why, along with how they prevent the massive Masquerade breach which seems inevitable, is a covenant secret.
  • The Circle of the Crone secretly worships demons. The names of the ancient gods either are the names of those demons or are substituted to conceal the practice.

Current members & their City Status

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