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Verifiable "facts"

  • The Gangrel have repeatedly shown that they care only about the Gangrel. They have repeatedly ignored status and the law, including trying to protect the bloodhunted kindred Johnny Relic.
  • The previous Gangrel Priscus was the Invictus Knight Richard Troxel. Nightwolf overthrew him for using the clan to further his Covenant's goals with little concern for the consequences to his clanmates.
  • The Gangrel have a reputation as the mightiest warriors amongst the Kindred

Known Blood Ties

  • Nightwolf is the known Sire to Cole Tema-Naja.


  • The Gangrel have a link with the animals, such that it changes their own forms
  • Many of the gangrel seem to have very good control over their inner beasts. They often claim this is because they revel in their strong connection to the animals around them.
  • The Gangrel are friendly with werewolves
  • The reason there are so few female gangrel in the city is because of the former priscus Richard Troxxel.

Current Gangrel & their City Status

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