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Confirmable "Facts"

Lasombra shield
  • The former prince was a Ventrue Invictus Elder.
  • The former prince was overthrown by the Jarl when the Prince went completely insane.
  • When the former prince disappeared, the Invictus effectively imploded- old feuds boiled to the surface and erupted into violence and exile.
  • There was a previous Gangrel Elder who was Invictus.


  • The former prince is in torpor somewhere in the city.
  • The former prince is still alive and all the former Invictus members who left are his spies, preparing the way for his return to power.
  • The former prince has been seen in Mexico City, recruiting soldiers to recapture his domain.
  • The former prince was slain or diablerized by the Jarl or the current Invictus Elder.
  • The former prince became so insane that he went through some sort of supernatural metamorphosis or apotheosis.
  • Many members of the Invictus followed the former prince from the city and are in hiding helping with whatever he plans.
  • The Invictus stabilized as it did because they blood bound themselves to one another.
  • The Invictus stabilized as it did because they swore a series of blood oaths and will die if they leave the covenant.
  • The Invictus stabilized as it did because the remaining members have nowhere else to go and are simply scared into cooperation. Most will jump ship given a good enough offer.
  • There is a Gangrel elder in the city who Nightwolf torpored. This gangrel was the head of a group who killed those who protected members of the Invictus.
  • There was a previous Gangrel Elder who was Invictus, but he killed the upstart Nightwolf and assumed his identity to free himself of the Invictus.
  • The current Invictus "elder" is actually a neonate used by the real elder to do buisness.
  • The current Invictus elder spends one out of every 3 nights without rising.
  • The current Invictus elder is the member of a secretive bloodline that can control the movement of the city and its inhabitants. The proof is in a seal that hangs behind the desk in his private office (though no one can confirm having been in such a private office themselves.)
  • The current Invictus elder has been seen to have died at least once (though no one can confirm having seen this event themselves).
  • The Invictus are all blood slaves of the Invictus elder who rules them as an unyielding tyrant.
  • The Invictus are lead by an elected body.
  • The Invictus are lead by an elite body which guarantees loyalty through the use of dark arts. (Given the events of the first game, this theory seems to be especially popular among the Carthians.)
  • The Invictus have been leasing their ability to perform contracts out. Some clan or clans have used various contracts to ensure the loyalty of members.
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Current members & their City Status


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