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Lancea Sanctum

Known Facts

  • They follow the teachings of the Vampire Longinus, the Roman soldier that pierced the side of Christ.
  • There is a place in Old England called the Black Abbey where the most devout go to study.
  • They have strange abilties they claim were bestowed by God and handed down by the Dark Prophet from Thebes.
  • They are, and always have been, the smallest covenant in San Andreas.
  • The Archbishop founded the San Andreas chapter of the Lancea Sanctum when she arrived.
  • Strangely, Blood always rains from the ceiling of any Sanctified Mass.


  • They claim to be the one true path to God.
  • They use a secret ritual magic that draws its powers from demonic pacts.
  • The elder is a secret spy from the Circle of the Crone meant to keep the numbers of the Faithful small.
  • The elder was once the Prince of London.
  • They worship a strange messiah figure who is like the Jesus of vampires.
  • The Elder actually houses the Spear of Destiny.
  • The Elder was a pupil of Longinus and tasted the blood of Christ.
  • The Ventrue Elder possesses the Archbishop and secretly runs the Sanctified himself.
  • They command an army of re-animated corpses.
  • It is unwise to speak out of turn or to be disrespectful during a Black Mass.
  • The Archbishop surrounds herself with lunatics and the depraved as to not show her own derangements.
  • The "Dark Prophet" is actually the Antichrist.

Current members & their City Status

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