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Verifiable "Facts"

Known Blood Ties

  • Diego is the Childe of Heinrich von Rothdam.
  • All of the Nosferatu in San Andreas are related in some fashion.(Once it is figured out a full family tree will be placed here)


  • The Nosferatu's hideousness seems to go beyond simple forms and features, disturbing even the most heinous of Vampires on some level.
  • Most of the Nosferatu seem closely related to one another, regardless of Covenant.
  • The Nosferatu have an entire city which they have built under San Andreas. This "Necropolis" rivals the city above and even has a population of mortal and ghoul slaves.
  • The Nosfertu clan is full of voodoo masters and lunatics.


Current Nosferatu & their City Status


Number one reason to stay out of the sewers.

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