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Ordo Dracul

Verifiable "Fact"

  • The Ordo Elder can and will remove people from frenzy. For using his powers to save them face, and probably harm, he generally demands a Minor boon. These boons are recorded by both harpies, which means they also receive the Priscus Harpy's enforcement.


  • The Ordo has great control over their beasts, few have ever been seen to lose themselves to frenzy.
  • The Ordo Elder can control the exact length of any torpor he endures
  • The Ordo call themselves scholars, yet most seem better suited as warriors
  • The Ordo once destroyed an entire covenant in the hour after sunset
  • The Ordo are rumored to get their powers from Demons, just like their founder
  • The Ordo find the most innocuous places important for strange reasons
  • The Ordo Elder is unaffected by the magics of other covenants
  • The entire Ordo is mystically bound to Dracula and they are all his pawns
  • Upon entering the Ordo every member renounces all other ties
  • The Ordo cares nothing for politics as their Requiem plays a different tune
  • The Ordo's disdain for politics is a front to keep their machinations hidden
  • The Ordo Elder is in a constant state of Frenzy, but shows no signs of it

Current members & their City Status

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