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Verifiable "Facts"

Known Blood Ties

  • Catherine Michaels is the Childe of Christian Michaels.
  • Colin Sullivan is the Childe of Christian Michaels.


  • The Ventrue are often winners at verbal parley, their speaking skills can back many socialites into a corner.
  • The Ventrue are all actually Invictus, claiming other covenants to spread their control. (This seems especially popular with the Nosferatu and Gangrel.) Obviously Carter Weiss is the consumate double agent.
  • Members of the Ventrue clan are particularly resistant to frenzy.
  • All members of the Ventrue clan go crazy upon their embrace. Time inevitably worsens the cracks in their minds.
  • Many Ventrue claim descent from ancient nobility. This may be found in either their mortal or Kindred lines, and some lay claim to both.
  • It is rumored that Catherine Michaels is actually Christian Michaels sire, and him claiming to be the elder of the two is a facade to throw people off.
  • The Ventrue have meetings that are so mind-numbing in their lingth, boredom, and pointlessness that observers of other clans have been known to meet the sun after being forced to endure the entirety of such a event.
    • Mere mortals have been known to simply drop dead halfway through. Some believe the cause is old age.

Current Ventrue & their City Status

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