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Turnleaf 2A commuting standard is a part of the TurnLeaf protocol.

Community Standard

  1. If establishing a new physical location, optimize location in relation to the home locations of people expected to commute (recommend an average commute of no more than 10 miles or 16 kilometers).
  2. If in an existing location, re-evaluate all commuters for re-classification as a telecommuter based on miles/kilometers from the office location.
  3. All commuters must be aware that your company encourages one day a week of telecommuting.
  4. If your business owns its facility or can designate parking, provide premium parking for employees or independent contractors driving vehicles that exceed your target MPG/KPG (recommended 30 MPG or 48 KPG).

Proposed additions to standard

  •  ????

Challenges to standard

  •  ????
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