Due to its graphic violence, "Ebo The Friendly Centurion" was cancelled after only nine episodes. There was a potential threat of trial by the R.S.P.C.A, and numerous letters of complaint from viewers, mostly parents. These include the following-

" I would like to complain about the gratuitous use of gore and violence that your show is using to brain-wash our children. My youngest child now claims to be a murderous lion "just like Ibi", and just last night tried to eat my husband, whereupon my elder son (to my shock) simply exclaimed. "Oh, Ibi!". I believe that your programmes are a destructive force and...." -

"In all my searches all over the internet, I have found no other references to any such programme. This is clearly a vanity article, written by nerds with too much time on their hands." - These complainers really do come up with some absurd stuff.

"Your programme is full of anachronisms. For example, it claimes that the cook Edo invented jelly-babies. This is completly absurd, and it is common knoledge that jelly-babies long predate ancient Rome..."

"This programme, not only doesn't exist and never has done, but also has nothing to do with Ill Bethisad whatsoever. "

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