The most important things about Quian'dor will be listed here.

Designing Facts

  • Quian'dor will be released in parts. Every part will be released when it is complete. No earlier.
  • Levels will be altered after RP's have been done and approved by RPA's. If you want something changed you need an RPA's approval. For RPs that do not change the materialistic parts of the world you will not need an RPA.


RPA's will be able to host Events. Events will be unique and unlike anything ever seen in Graal. Basically it will be like this: An RPA uses a (special) area in the overworld or in an inside and the first few players who sign up for the event will be able to play. Events will be spanning from 1 player events to 10 player events (with the use of several RPA's in the case of 10 man events) and can be requested by every player at any given time. Events will reward people with items. They can sometimes be the sword of the villain or maybe a nail of the slain dragon. Some items can be used directly for RPs but others might need to be changed by master craftsmen. Rewards can and will be unique and we will try to put some sort of renown system into the NPCs so you will get discount at shops etcetera.

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