Consequences two, Down Under Sun.

Nabiki smirked in delight as Grant kissed at her neck, delightful shivers rising up her spine at the actions.

In part she was thankful as the last half an hour of make out with the handsome Australian young man had left her lips rather tender, but unable to look at Grant's face took much of the enjoyment out of fooling around with him. He was damn pretty for an Australian, but he was far from intellectually stimulating.

The dimmed apartment thumping with the music of the party going on next door was enough privacy but Nabiki smirked as again the hormone filled young man tried to get to her bra after previously being declined, this time his hands deliciously hot on her skin rising up the back of her blouse to the strap across her back. Nabiki wasn't interested in more than making out tonight, but didn't move to stop Grant's hands.


The sound of chips being eaten drew Nabiki's attention to the diminutive figure sitting on top of the television set, big white toothy grin bright despite the dimmed lights.

Glaring at the aged Happosai, sent down from Japan in her luggage by her vindictive sister and brother in law, Nabiki willed him to shut up and leave but new that would never happen. Still unsure how to chase the old pervert off without alerting Grant, she failed to pay attention to his hands still trying to unclasp the back of her bra.

Munching on more chips, Happosai spoke up in English, “How long till he works out the clasp is on the front?”

Grant looked around suddenly for the voice, not seeing anyone immediately, only for his partner to yell rapid fire Japanese at the TV unit.

“Launguage my dear,” Happosai chuckled back keeping to English.”I know your mother didn't teach you those words.”

Grant peered at the diminutive figure sitting on the TV, “Hey Babe, is that statue talking?”

“I'm no statue, pretty boy, I'm the guardian of Nabiki-chan's underwear. WAHH!” Without moving Happosai's battle aura swelled forward like a giant hand reaching for the wavy haired young man.


The surprisingly feminine screech of terror from Grant ended when the door to the apartment barged in, the statuesque Vicky, Nabiki's flatmate looking in, her hand slamming the wall switch for the main light, a beer in her other hand.

“Nabiki, you okay?”


“Vicky-chan!” Happosai yelled jumping on the girl in the camisole top and denim shorts, her hands trying to fend of the groping pervert, still managing not to spill her beer.


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