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CONCUSSION, LLC, located in Fort Worth, TX, is a creative think tank that listens to its clients and delivers excellent marketing communication. We started in the mid-90s when a desire to “do his own thing” compelled Andrew Yanez to launch CONCUSSION (named for the big impact he wanted his work to have on the marketplace). The freedom allowed him to take his work in a new direction and to explore the new technologies. His style became increasingly irreverent, yet very effective in the marketplace and his clients thrived. Allen (a client) began providing strategic marketing support to complement Andrew’s design work, and in 2000, the two formalized this symbiotic relationship.

Why Concussion?

In broad terms, a concussion is caused by a force of impact. At Concussion, creating impact – thus sales – is our raison d’etre. Love it or hate it, you have to admit our name is hard to forget.

A Relentless Pursuit of Sales

The sole purpose of what we do is to help clients sell. Services, products, ideas, whatever. Arresting visuals, persuasive copy and spot-on strategies are how we do it. “Soft sell” does not. Results, Even in a Soft Economy

We have been part of client/agency teams that have garnered consistent, measurable results. To wit, a casino client with 58 months of continuous growth; a real estate client that reached $150 million in sales IN ITS FIRST YEAR; over $40 million in annual e-commerce revenues for retail and financial services clients; and a national packaged-good account that is a top-seller in its category.

Experts of the Highest Order

Our firm is built upon a foundation of experience and professionalism. Eighty percent of our 35+ person staff has more than ten years experience. And each has the ability to contribute to your company’s success through their specific area of expertise. A Complete Arsenal of Services

As a full-service agency, we can customize the appropriate solution to your need. Our professional offerings include advertising & collateral design, media planning & placement, marketing consulting, public relations, promotions, direct mail and internet marketing — all under one roof.

A Studied Approach to Business

Bureaucracy. Arrogance. Arcane billing practices. These are the main issues new clients cite as reasons for firing their previous agency. We listened and have made a successful living off other agencies’ mistakes. The Hard Sell: We Want Your Business

Point blank, we’re not ashamed to ask.


We are full time learners of our clients’ business, and plumb the depths of that observation and knowledge for direction. Our passion is in thinking deeper to identify a “concussive” idea, and we consider hundreds of options before coming to the customer promise – you know the one that moves product – that is the foundation of each campaign.

At Concussion, LLC collaboration rules. We cherish our differences, and these differences – between marketers and creative, between the straight-laced and the zany, between the sacred and the irreverent – create a push-pull that will successfully isolate your “targeted” customer promise. We are nimble.

Concussion, LLC has developed in a tight economy and learned to excel in a project-based marketplace. This philosophy and structure lets us accomplish what other agencies cannot – timely, cost-effective work that get results.


Advertising Strategy
Creative Execution
Ad Promotion


Trademark & Logo Design
Creative Communication
Corporate Print Collateral
Package Design


Web Development/Design
Search Engine Marketing
Affiliate Program Management
Natural Search Engine Optimization
Online Banner Ad
Pay for Placement


Direct Marketing


Media Planning
Media Buying
Media Analysis

Public Relations


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