• Beldar Conehead as Mario
  • Prymatt Conehead as Princess Peach
  • Connie Conehead as Princess Daisy
  • INS Agent Gorman Seedling as Donkey Kong
  • Eli Turnbull as Oogtar
  • Ronnie Bradford as Diddy Kong
  • Otto as Yoshi
  • Motel Clerk as Toadsworth
  • Customer as Toad
  • Garthok Combatant as Bowser
  • Marlax as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Carmine Weiner as Wario
  • Larry Farber as Mallow
  • Lisa Farber as Toadette
  • Highmaster as Diddy Kong
  • Laarta as Birdo
  • and more

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