Confessors Of The Forever Inquisition

The ‘’'Confessors Of The Forever Inquisition’’' is a armed, pseudo-religious force in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


The Confessors were originally instigated as means to protect members of the Forever Inquisition from retribution from both the White Star and their Living Army upon their denouncement and defection from those groups. Originally a small but elite bodyguard drawn from rebel elements of the Living Army, the Confessors soon expanded into a secret militia, and then into a full-fledged armed force. The Confessors consist mainly of members drawn from the general populace. Joining the Confessors means a stable (but dangerous) job, and a heightened level of shielding from the radiation that still sweeps through the ships. Their officers are normally members of the Forever Inquisition given military training, although a rank structure does exist outside the faith-based officer class.


The basic unit in the Confessors is the Truth Bearers, consisting of anywhere from five to ten individuals. Anywhere from five to ten units of Truth Bearers consist one Revealer, and five to ten Revealers consist one Enlightened. Standard issue for a member of the Truth Bearers is one Ion Thrower, a Class 1 radiation-shielded armour vest, and a bandolier of Magnetic Fragmentation Mines.

Non-Inquisition Rank Structure

  • Confessor-Private
  • Confessor-Acolyte
  • Brother-Sergeant
  • Brother-Lieutenant
  • Acolyte-Lieutenant
  • Captain Demagogue
  • Major Demagogue
  • Brother-Commander
  • Lord Commander
  • Confessor-Emperor

Inducted Forever Inquisition Rank Structure

  • Acolyte-Inquisitor
  • Demagogue-Inquisitor
  • Cleric-Inquisitor
  • High-Cleric Inquisitor
  • Eternal Cleric Of The Forever Inquisition
  • Paladin-Inquisitor
  • Grand Paladin Of The Forever Inquisition
  • Eternal Grand Paladin Of The Forever Inquisition

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