• Configuring the Oracle Database

1. Unzip CPM_750_Oracle_<Release>.zip file and ftp files to AIX server (Make sure to use ASCII mode)

2. Set the oracle path in file

3. Set the oracle instance name along with user/password to be upgraded in file

4. Set folder path in file in order to run upgrade scripts on instance

5. Grant execute permissions for file

6. Execute (. / at UNIX prompt to start the upgrade process.

7. If the database is a new database then create the necessary ADM users:

  • Create ADM procedures using new create_procedure_sql_ipath_administrators.sql and create_procedure_sql_ipath_dropadministrators.sql (located on the CD in the \Database Installation Scripts\Oracle directory).
  • Drop ADM user by running exec sql_ipath_dropadministrator
  • Create ADM user by running exec spl_ipath_administrator
  • Remove the spl_ipath_administrator stored procedure from the database (for security reasons).

8. Grant select privilege to sys_config and hosmas tables (located on the CD in the \Database Installation Scripts\Oracle directory) .

9. Execute Password Tool and create users

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