Confirm Faxes

  • Who: Employees assigned to this task
  • What: Make sure that the Fax provider has received the Fax
  • Where:
  • When: Several Times a Day
    • Especially, but not exclusively, when you know or suspect that a PO has been created that matches the criteria.
  • Why: The Fax Provider and/or Netsuite make mistakes
    • We need to catch those mistakes
  • How:
    • Go to the FAX: Unconfirmed Search
    • Lists > Search > Saved Searches
      • Make sure that the Type Filter is set to Transaction
      • Make sure that the Use Filter is set to All
      • Click on FAX: Unconfirmed Results
    • The results list that are unconfirmed
    • Faxes that are older than one hour must be resent


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