This battle was the last in a string in the Genetics Wars. First, the Zlorgs established multiple automated mines and the CyberBots shelled the mines. More bots were sent, and soon after stormed the mines. Unexpectedly, the Zlorgs laid Claymore mines in the automated mines which resulted in the destruction of 3 WatchTowers and 22 bots. The bots then took their mortars to the underwater homebase, and continued to besiege the homebase. The Zlorgs continued to resist assimilation and sent unit waves to try and quell the mortar fire, but were annihilated. Before the homebase was destroyed, however, the Zlorgs surrendered to the CyberEmpire, thus ending the Genetics Wars once and for all and adding another victory to the Empire's victory roster.


The Zlorg mines were ultimately defeated because of the CyberMages. They casted multiple frost and fire attacks on the mines, which were firing lasers. Watch Towers, built near the mines, fired on the mines and were the main targets of the mine's automated lasers. Then, infantry stormed the structure and before the building was reduced to ash, a mutation laid seven Claymore mines and blew the mine and its occupants away. The second mine was then destroyed and the remaining infantry assembled defensive positions of the shoreline of the Zlorg homebase. The V95 heavy mortars fired 20 kg Vaporization bombs at the homebase, and the Zlorgs fired lasers at the supporting infantry. The mages casted gravity spells at the water, and tried pushing water down and diffusing it down into deep earth, which would result in the homebase collapsing into the ground and essentially crashing into itself.

When the water was almost vaporized and the opposition destroyed, they surrendered three undisclosed technologies to the CyberEmpire and thus lost the battle.

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