Conflict resolution in Beyond the Veil is performed in conflict rounds.

  • When play-time slows thus the all players involved should immediately determine the initiative of all players. If the conflict automatically structures itself into an obvious chain of actions and reactions, this should become the order of initiative. Each individual attempting to take a slot in the conflict should contest with one another.
  • Any action taken or Power used which another character wishes to contest requires a draw be performed. Each player should have a single set of playing cards numbered 1-10 (a 10-sided die or other fair substitute can be allowed at the Gatekeeper's discretion). Each player receives a bonus to their draw equal to their character’s Rank, appropriate Stat, and any Equipment. The higher modified draw wins.
  • When acting in Conflict Rounds a character may move a number of steps equal to the lower of their Prowess or Agility plus their Rank.

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