Conglomerate technology

The Conglomerate mentality combined with over 300 years of isolation has led to a divergence from traditional scientific methods. Although not necessarily against mechanical innovation the conglomerates see machines as less efficient tools. A machine breaks down and needs replacement, which takes time and energy. Conversely most conglomerate innovations are biological and subsequently self sustaining. From modified stem cells utilized to regroup nerve tissue to 2 ton sentient waste disposal units the conglomerate industrial complex runs the gamut of products.

GMT – Genetic manipulation template The foundation of nearly all conglomerate technology begins at the GMT. The GMT is a small softball sized organism that resembles a 3 armed squid, sans beak. Typically opaque or translucent it acts as something of an host to whatever transition desired by the subject. A trained geneticist can ‘program’ the GMT to perform a variety of functions that include a range of augmentations and effects. With enough background and skill there are few changes that cannot be enacted on another living organism, although many overly excited programmers have learned that while the imagination is limitless, physics are not. Overly stressing an organism with too rapid or crude alterations can quickly result in atrophy, severe injury or death.

In order to utilize a GMT effectively a player must declare what augmentation he wishes to apply to the unit. Possible augmentations are permanent or temporary attribute benefits, additional organ/limb growth, psycho-physiological control of bodily functions, increase tolerance pain/disease etc. The target number is largely dependent on the type and degree of alteration, and working conditions. A successful ‘genetic augmentation’ check must be made to program the GMT, while a successful medicine-surgery check must be made to administer the GMT.

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