Conker the Squirrel is the titular protagonist of the hit M-rated N64 game, Conker's Bad Fur Day, although he previously debuted as a racer in the family-friendly N64 racing game, Diddy Kong Racing several years earlier.


Conker the squirrel lives on Tiger "Timber's" Island in Willow Woods, located on the top part of the island. Living among the Acorn People, Conker has befriended many. Over the course of his life he has also been friends with Berri the chipmunk, Timber the tiger, Tiptup the turtle, Pipsy the mouse, and more Tiger Island residents. Like Diddy Kong, Conker is the adventurous type, and when the time comes for him to be a hero, he doesn't back down. 

When the dastardly Wizpig invaded the island and took control with his magic and brute force, a band of animals came together to overthrow him. Among the likes of Diddy and Banjo Bear was Conker. Having to race through the island's racetrack attractions to collect Gold Balloons that would open sealed up racetracks, Conker helped out greatly, and the animal team was able to defeat Wizpig. Conker was successful in his first adventure, and could now say he was a true hero.

In 1999, Berri threw a surprise birthday party for Conker with many of his friends and family there. What Berri didn't expect was an uninvited guest....the dastardly Acorn Person self proclaimed as "Evil Acorn." Berri was a celebrity, and one of the high prices of fame happens to be obsessed nutjob stalkers. Evil Acorn kidnapped Berri (plus all of Conker's presents and invitations to the party) and took off. Conker went on a wild quest to rescue his good friend and retrieve his birthday presents. The adventure eventually winded up in the catacombs deep within Tiger Island. Conker found Berri locked up there, and as he freed her, Evil Acorn activated the countdown for a bomb. Conker and Berri had five minutes to escape the Catacombs, or else they would likely die. In a wild run, they got out. Evil Acorn wasn't so lucky, as he got caught in the explosion. Conker and Berri both thought he was dead. As they "redid" Conker's birthday party, guess who should pop out of the cake again? Yep, Evil Acorn. He did the exact same thing as before too. So Conker had to go out again to free Berri and his presents/invitations. The journey concluded back in the Catabombs, where another bomb was activated once Conker reached Berri. The two scrambled out, but that Evil Acorn couldn't make it yet again. This time, the blast jolted him far into the sky, knocking him halfway across the world. Conker and Berri could finally relax...and finish the party. 

Conker has shown that he has the stuff heroes are made of. However, as we go into the 21st century, can a squirrel with a good natured set of ideals make it in a world that sometimes seems like an all out bloodbath? Or is the time of cleancut squirrel heroes numbered? Does Conker really even give a flyin' (....)?


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