Conlegium was a guild formed during the summer of 2006. Conlegium is Latin for people uniting as colleagues, and was named as such because the guild was formed from two older guilds, Core and Monarch, after the defeat of the Ortus Valeo with the help of the Liches of Archinare in the first war.

The guild's website can be found here. [1]

War against Ortus Valeo

Core and Monarch were struggling during the war with OV, and had a lot of inactivity within their ranks. Initially Ortus Valeo had offered to pay the Liches of Archinare to join them in their war. This offer was turned down. Months of battling went on, OV taking more kills. The war was 25 vs 65 in favour of "Moncore", so naturally there would be more casualties for Moncore.

After a couple of months of war, Core and Monarch grew tired and hired LoA's assistance to finish the war. A plan was set up between the vice leaders of Core, Erlei and Aiimar, the battle commander, Zaniah, and the LoA leadership. OV were lured into a trap by Moncore at Edron castle, in which LoA masslogged in, trapping and killing 16 members of OV. The shock of this incredibly effective plan led to a quick end to the war. After the war ended Moncore decided to unite the newly formed friendship between the two guilds officially, and thus Conlegium was created. The purpose of the guild was to provide a single guild based on friendship, which would be able to repel any future attack against it's members. The initial leaders were Aiimar, Erlei, Zaniah, Kel-thuzad, Legolas Berseker and Klobukos Plock. Jester Flame from LoA can be noted as having a significant influence on the initial stages of founding the guild, providing advice and friendship to Conlegium.


Main article: Ortus Valeo war against the Liches of Archinare

After a while LoA and OV went to war again. Conlegium decided to stand neutral and remained fair to both guilds. The war stretched for a couple of months. Finally OV giving up shortly after the summer update. A coalition of guilds had been formed to declare war on OV for their excessive random pk'ing and negative influence on the community. OV knew their time was up and decided to end things before this happened.

Post war

Conlegium had become quite powerful at this stage, boasting 55 members and an average level of 101. This was by far the most active guild on Lunara. Eventually factions began to emerge within the guild, old Core/Monarch relations strained. Members such as Kel-thuzad left after disagreements within the council, and arguements were made as to which direction power was heading in the guild (Core or Monarch council members). Aiimar decided to go his own way and head LoA academy and took a few Conlegium members with him. This was initially greeted with hostility from Zaniah, one of the most active in leading the guild at the time. Things were eventually smoothed over.

Inactivity and decline

The remaining council began to become more inactive, and eventually the division between old Core and Monarch members resulted in Monarch reforming. The remaining members of Conlegium were mainly inactive/retired. Zaniah retired from Tibia and Xadam was voted as leader of the guild, for the first time in its history.

Xadam commanded the now, small guild, of roughly 15 members, most of which were inactive. This carried on for some months, untill the ex-leader of OV attempted to hunt the retired Zaniah.

Xadam folded in his support for the last remaining council member of the old, and kicked him from the guild. The majority of the remaining members were outraged and left the guild as protest to Xadam's actions. A few days later Xadam disbanded Conlegium.

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