Conleroth was originally from the land all SpiritBreakers once called their home and their base. There he fought against raid from the Visorak, Dark Hunters, and many other organizations that opposed the Order, including a few undead-users. He was forced to flee the island, with a few of his friends when they had defeated the Visorak. They went from isalnd to island, as they used to do opperating from the base island, destroying or freeing all undead under evil sway. It was practically their instinct.

Conleroth is the leader of the New Order of the SpiritBreakers. He has powers over Gravity and the Nuclear force, allowing him to create nuclear explosions at will or change the gravity as he pleases.

His mask is the Mask of Hope. It can get him any object of insignificant power and small size by just hoping for it.

As leader of the SpiritBreaker Army he is one of the two leaders in charge of the Fugaheider base and market.

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