Conn Harlowe

Man, I can't believe I owe you now."
"You've always owed me. I'm the doctor, you're the constantly-banged up test jockey, remember?
Beryl Quitaan and Conn Harlowe

Conway 'Conn' Harlowe is the medic on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: 75% Human, 25% Zeltron
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 33
  • Alignment: Light
  • Appearance: 6'1, hazel eyes, wavy light brown hair with a tendency for messiness, lithe and sinewy.
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • Heavily modified Bryar pistol (his father's)
    • vibroblade kept in left sleeve
    • various medical implements
  • Primary Role Player: Rogue Nine


Born on Alderaan to a human father and a half-Zeltron mother, Conn lost his mother to a space accident at a young age and was raised by his father. He attended the University of Alderaan, majoring in biology and law. Soon after his graduation, his father died, leaving him without a family. Losing his ambition to become a doctor on Alderaan, he wandered the galaxy for a while, eventually taking a position as a medic and occasional pilot at Incom-Subpro, where he meets Beryl Quitaan. The two develop a friendly on-and-off rivalry which leads to a relationship, but has it cut short when she is fired. Conn stays with Incom for a few more years before leaving and finding a new, but equally unfulfilling job at Sienar Fleet Systems. After a few more years, he seeks to get out and return to his homeworld of Alderaan, but ends up being captured by Imperial forces. Incorrectly charged with being sympathetic to the Rebellion, he is given a lucky break when he is offered a medic position at an Imperial detention facility. Deciding that treating prisoners was a better alternative to being one, he grudgingly accepts.

Personality and Traits

Being a quarter-Zeltron, Conn possesses a healthy dose of empathy, which serves him well in his chosen profession as a doctor. His empathetic abilities are not as well-developed as a full Zeltron's, but he is proficient enough with them to know how his patients are feeling, increasing his efficacy as a healer. He also has limited ability to project pheromones as well as the ability to influence others' emotions. These traits help him put his patients at ease.

Partially as a result of his heritage and partially as a result of his upbringing, Conn is an emotional being, living on his feelings day after day. His human side often keeps his dynamic Zeltron side in check; as a result, only his closest friends know the 'true' Conway Harlowe. Nevertheless, he is almost always open and friendly to most everyone he encounters. He dislikes conflict and would rather resolve things with words rather than blasters.

His life isn't without tragedy, however. Losing his mother early on in his life, he was raised by his human father until he entered and graduated college. His father died soon after, leaving him without a family. He is reluctant to talk about his parents, even with his closest friends.

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