In September of 2003, the Dezember Alliance sent in their Rapid Insertion Team to detain President Roscoe Novoya and several members of his cabinent on war crimes. The operation succeeded in the capture of the President, however at a very high cost in men and material. Most of the force was scattered across the capital city, and fought against the 4th Infantry Division and 93rd Armor Regiment of the Conoran National Army. After nearly half of the force was either killed, wounded, or captured, along with the loss of 4 helicopters, they managed to be extracted from the city with package in toe.

The Plan

The plan for the operation was the main reason the operation was doomed to near-failure. Overcomplication and lack of heavy equipment on the ground would lead to several issues. 4 of the RIT helicopters would land on the roof top of the Presidential Mansion, clear it, and secure the intended targets. The rest of the RIT would land at the Desine stadium with the other 20 helicopters, including 4 GP-83 Gernier Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopters, and from there, with the 24 Humber Armored Transports move out in convoy nearly 2 miles to retrieve the force at the Mansion. After retrieving them, they would then retreat back to the stadium and extract through the stadium.

Initial Stages

Right from the beginning, things began to go wrong. When the 24 helicopters left the DAS Lightfoot, on station in the Conoran Straight to provide air support, they immediately received anti-aircraft fire from the coast. A barrage of fire from the 2 cruisers in the straight silenced most of the hostile forces, who were weilding AAM-3 Strykers. Although no casualties were taken, it was a bad omen for future things to come.

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