Conrad is Thomas 's Second Father-in-Law and Quorton's Enemy

Conrod and an Black Rojy

First Appearances

Season 1 (Clay TV Series)

  • Gator's Adventures (Debut)
  • Thomas's New Friends
  • Porter 's Busy Day
  • Harvey 's Station
  • James' Shortcut

Season 2 (Clay TV Series)

  • Thomas and Percy
  • Charlie's Boring Day
  • Search and Rescue Luke

Season 3 (Clay TV Series)

  • Luke or Millie?

Other Appearances

Season 4- 8 (Clay TV Series)

  • Season 4: Toby's New Day, Salty Visites the Continent, City of Turno's First Day
  • Season 5: Kevin's Triumph, Murdoch and the New and Cleany Visitor, Tao and the Bananas, Rojy in the Sea, Harvey Triumph in the Misty Island, New Really Useful Engine, The Green Friend of Paxton
  • Season 6: James the Red Ulfstead Engine
  • Season 7: Fearsome Mine, Quarry in Destruction (Cameo), Thomas and the Branches
  • Season 8: Run Conrad, Run, Zeakerp's New Job (Does not Speak), the Ulfstead Castle adventures, New Lines for Winston (Mentioned), James and the Branchline, Paxton, Dan & Jancy


Conrad's Official Theme is the Season 17 Song "On A Journey Today"

Counterparts (Do Not Delete, But You can add)

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