Spoilers: I'm going to stick to Basics for a while, even though they contain spoilers...


AKA: Conrart, Lord Weller

Age: ~105 in year 0

Looks: strong, tall, brown hair and eyes.

Character: All about loyalty. Gentle and kind - mostly.

Special skills: Phenomenal swordsman.

Family: As per the anime.

In BoW, Yuuri inadvertantly outs the longtime relationship between Conrad and Yozak (Yuuri didn't know...) They've enjoyed an open relationship for 75 years, and have no intention of getting more serious or monogamous with it.

In PW, Conrad becomes the Eleventh Aristocrat, Lord Weller, with the charter to represent the interests of Shin Makoku's human and half-Mazoku populations. This charter doesn't come with a domain - his people are strewn throughout the kingdom. Conrad also oversees international human-Mazoku relations, especially trade and criminal coordination. Adelbert von Gratz works for him on that project, as a Weller vassal.

To the Federalist leader Gwendal's deep annoyance, Conrad joined Aldrich's Autonomist coalition in the Eleven Aristocrats - the champions of domain rights, local solutions to problems, and the rights of minority races (TwT).

Stories: all.

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