The Conservative Bloc is an informal political alliance in Vovatra. It does not have official colors; it is unofficially affiliated with White or Light Blue and Auburn.


As an informal alliance, a large number of parties consider themselves members. Only the major ones are listed here; for smaller ones, see the template at the end of this article.

Political Beliefs

Being so large, the Conservative Bloc is also highly varied in its beliefs. It ranges from socially centrist to conservative, and big-government to small government. It even ranges from economically left to right, as some parties on the economic left were rejected from the United Left due to their monarchist beliefs.


Together, the Conservative Bloc members have 38 lower-house and 2 upper-house seats. However, it is rare that all of the members vote together, due to the looseness of the alliance.

Currently, five of the parties are members of the official governing coalition: VL and MP (the two largest) plus VN, AM and PP.


Of the Conservative Bloc members, the V List is growing the fastest. However, some of the smaller parties are also growing, most notably The Economic Restoration and V Nationals. However, most parties, including the second-largest member, the Monster Party, are shrinking.

Gov Bold Opp Italic United Left LibFed Spiritual Center Conservative Bloc
Major SA ED | SD MM | JM | SDM VL | MP
Medium TLA | SP GLF TER | VN | AM
Minor MY | X YU? | LDP AR VSD | MW | PSN | PP | PS | MDR
Tiny FDS | AT | CM | CA | LB | IT | MA | FB CL | MEP | NW | CDP | HM | AR | PI | ONOP | GT F | MD | BM | WH AP | SM | BD | O | PD | FDP-1 | VSP | RP | NS | FDP-2 | CM

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