Construction-Buloo is a CGI children's pre-school programme which stars Diggs, Scooch and Carrie from the CITV Jim Henson's show Construction Site and The Piplings from the CBeebies show Waybuloo.



  • Diggs
  • Scooch
  • Carrie
  • Roley
  • Nok Tok
  • Lau Lau
  • De Li
  • Yojojo
  • Aliey
  • Albert
  • Sirey
  • Yolly
  • Kelly
  • Red
  • Queen Bee
  • The Bees
  • Stepney
  • Stephanie
  • Sarge
  • Nigel
  • Millie 
  • Habbert
  • Lolli
  • Alfred
  • Postie
  • Jokey
  • Dr. Maggie
  • Choco
  • Yalanda
  • Blue
  • Diggs' Mother
  • Diggs' Father
  • Scooch's Mother
  • Scooch's Father
  • Carrie's Mother
  • Carrie's Father
  • Roley's Mother
  • Roley's Father
  • Aliey's Father
  • Emma
  • Rheneas
  • Bad Truck Queen
  • Bad Truck King


  • Diggs and Scooch are the only characters to appear in every episode, but Diggs is the only character to speak in every episode since Aliey's New Job is to date the only episode Scooch doesn't speak in.

Voice Actors

UK and AUS

Actor Region New Role(s)
Brian Herring UK/AUS Diggs and Nigel
Mak Wilson UK/AUS Scooch and some Bees
Charlotte Bellamy UK/AUS Carrie and Roley's Mother
Emma Thompson UK/AUS Roley
Finlay Christie UK/AUS Yojojo
Oliver Dillon UK/AUS Nok Tok and Blue
Georgia MacPherson UK/AUS Lau Lau and Mary
Sunday Jame-Ross UK/AUS De Li
Teresa Gallagher UK/AUS Sirey, Yolly and some Bees
Miranda Cosgrove UK/AUS Aliey
Steven Kynman UK/AUS Albert and Scooch's Father

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