Season 1 of Construction-Buloo.


  1. Welcome to Nara (movie) - Diggs, Scooch and Carrie arrive in Nara but something, or someONE is adding strange weapons and objects to them.
  2. Diggs and the Cherry Tree (first episode) - Diggs tries to save a tree full of juicy ripe red cherries.
  3. The Piranha Bite - Lau Lau gets bitten by a piranha
  4. Nok Tok Goes Missing - No one can find Nok Tok. They think he's run away.
  5. Roley's Water Skiing Routine - Roley shows Diggs her hydrofoils which make her move on water.
  6. The Bad Trucks Come to Town - Sirey warns everyone about the Bad Trucks.
  7. Red's Water Rescue - Red is a very shy fire truck
  8. Save That Narabug! - Yojojo's Narabug is stuck inside Nok Tok's Anything Machine.
  9. The China Teapot - Carrie tries to fix her mother's teapot that Diggs accidentally broke.
  10. Plaster Hunt - Yojojo hurts his knee, but Aliey is missing her special green plasters.
  11. Carrie's Resturant - Carrie opens up a restaura
  12. The Snowy Night
  13. Lau Lau's Big Clean
  14. Chocolate Town
  15. Diggs' New Job
  16. Pies for Roley's Mother
  17. The £100 Racing Car
  18. Scooch and De Li's Snowboarding Competition
  19. The Mystery
  20. Aliey Gets A New Coat
  21. Ice Skating
  22. King Diggs
  23. The Melon
  24. Scooch and the Sand Hill
  25. Holiday in Switzerland
  26. The Christmas Holiday Celebration
  27. Sirey and the Boulder


  • Diggs (debut)
  • Scooch (debut)
  • Carrie (debut)
  • Roley (debut)
  • Nok Tok (debut)
  • De Li (debut)
  • Lau Lau (debut)
  • Yojojo (debut)
  • Aliey (debut)
  • Albert (debut)
  • Sirey (debut)
  • Red (debut)
  • Stepney (debut)
  • Stephanie (debut)
  • Sarge (debut)
  • Nigel (debut
  • Millie (debut)
  • Habbert (debut)
  • Lolli (debut)
  • Postie (debut)
  • Dr. Maggie (debut)
  • Mary (debut)
  • Diggs and Carrie's Mother (debut)
  • Diggs and Carrie's Father (debut)
  • Scooch's Mother (debut)
  • Scooch's Father (debut)
  • Roley's Mother (debut)
  • Narabugs (debut)


  • Yolly doesn't appear in this season despite being one of the 7 main characters. He was introduced in Season 2.
  • Diggs, Scooch, Carrie, Roley, The Piplings, Albert, Sirey and The Narabugs were the only characters introduced in Welcome to Nara. The other characters made their debuts in episodes.
  • This is the only season without a 30 minute special or 1-hour special.

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