Conteran is a republic on Earth in 2089, A.D. It is situated on an island in the south-west Pacific. As of 2086, A.D., it has been the site of a small war between the Conteran Reconstruction Union and the Conteran government. However, larger countries are taking interest in the fighting, in an effort to grab the island for themselves. In January 2089, Germany made what is regarded by other countries as an invasive maneuver when it moved large quantities of soldiers to a German island near Conteran named Monteruz. The United States of America is considering a similar move.


The Conteran military was quite weak until 2081 A.D., when the high commander of it, William A. Tanner, was assassinated by a sniper in the city of Engrene. He was replaced by John A. Loper, who quickly became highly trusted by the president. He used his power to order large weapon shipments from countries in Eastern Europe, and proposed to the Conteran government to, in times of emergency, be able to conscript new recruits. The answer from the government is forthcoming.

Commander Loper also put into effect a special operations unit named Legionary Five in 2085, A.D. Not much is known about this group.

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