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 This page is maintained by the OLPC team.

A control panel will be used to set user preferences like nickname or color on the XO. At the moment this will be a command-line tool in which you can access the settings. The requirements for the panel are listed here. The bold ones are those that have been implemented for the command line version of the panel. The following section will describe how to use the sugar-control-panel on the XO. Contents [hide]

   * 1 Usage
   * 2 Colors
         o 2.1 base colors
         o 2.2 qualifiers
   * 3 Languages
   * 4 Timezone

[edit] Usage

Open the Terminal activity and type the following command to display the help information for the control panel.

sugar-control-panel -h

will display:

Usage: sugar-control-panel [ option ] key [ args ... ]

  Control for the sugar environment.
  -h           show this help message and exit
  -l           list all the available options
  -h key       show information about this key
  -g key       get the current value of the key
  -s key       set the current value for the key

The control panel tries to be as self-explanatory as possible. We will go through a typical scenario to show the basic usage. We want to set the jabber server on the XO in order to do testing with an sugar-jhbuild instance. To list all the available commands, do:

sugar-control-panel -l

At the moment this will give you something like this:

[erikos@localhost sugar]$ sugar-control-panel -l color jabber language nick radio timezone

To display what the current value of a key is, use the -g option:

[erikos@localhost sugar]$ sugar-control-panel -g jabber

If you are not sure what to set, you can use the -h option for each key to display the help for a command:

[erikos@localhost sugar]$ sugar-control-panel -h jabber Set the jabber server

   server : e.g. ''

To change the jabber server, use the -s option.

[erikos@localhost sugar]$ sugar-control-panel -s jabber To apply your changes you have to restart sugar. Hit at the same time ctrl+alt+erase on the keyboard to do this.

Some of the options require restarting Sugar. [edit] Colors

Usage is

sugar-control-panel -s color strokecolor fillcolor [strokequalifier [fillqualifier]]

For example:

    sugar-control-panel -s color red blue


    sugar-control-panel -s color red blue dark


    sugar-control-panel -s color purple yellow light medium

[edit] base colors

   * red
   * orange
   * yellow
   * green
   * blue
   * purple

[edit] qualifiers

   * dark
   * medium
   * light

[edit] Languages

Usage is

sugar-control-panel -s language yourlanguage


sugar-control-panel -s language Spanish/Peru

Note you may encounter problems with unsupported languages; only a few are currently present in Ship.2 (English and Spanish), with many more coming in Update 1 (you can see progress on translations to languages at our Pootle translation service. Not all of these languages will be available in Update.1. You can help yourself and OLPC by helping with localization for your favorite languages.

If you get into trouble, to recover, type:

   * Ctrl-Alt-F2
   * login as root. Then type the commands:
   * export SUGAR_PATH=/usr/share/sugar
   * sugar-control-panel -s language English/USA
   * restart the machine by pressing the power button, while holding down the right mouse button (o)

The list of languages include at this writing:

[edit] Timezone

You can set the timezone with the sugar-control-panel. This is an offset only, so if the actual time is not set correctly setting the timezone will not result in the correct timezone as well. If you have internet access you can use rdate to sync your clock with an available time server. It works as well to set the timezone first and then sync with a time server.

Install rdate:

su root yum install rdate

Get the time (dependent on your current time zone) of an rdate server. (you must be root)

rdate [server]

Examples for servers:

To set your clock do:

rdate -s [server]


rdate -s

Now you can use the sugar-control-panel to set the timezone. Get the list of available timezones:

sugar-control-panel -h timezone

Get the current timezone:

sugar-control-panel -g timezone

Set the timezone (you must be root):

sugar-control-panel -s timezone [timezone]


sugar-control-panel -s timezone Europe/Berlin

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