Basic Controls

Arrow Keys - Movement up,down,left,right.

Shift = Run.

Enter = Pick up items.

F1-F12 = Spells/Weaponskills/Abilities.

Communication Commands

These are commands that can be initiated by any user for communicating with other players in the world or server a purpose of any communication form. Talk

Command: Enter

The user may push enter to engage in chat or to enter commands that need to be entered through chat. When done the user clicks enter again to submit the message. Private Message

Command: "!<name> <message>"

Allows you to send a message to given players name so that only you and that user may see the message you have sent. This is often used for private chats or for messages only desired to be herd by the two users. Shout

Command: "'<message>"

Sends a message to everyone. Guild Chat

Command: "@<message>"

Sends a message to everyone in the user's group, if they are in a group. Misc Commands Who`s Online

Command: "/who"

Lists inside the communication (chat) box what players or users are currently online. Emote

Command: "-<message>"

Allows the user to type a message and instead of displaying as something the player said it will display it as what the users actions are. For example, typing the text:

-says hi

Would come out as

<playername> says hi


Command: "/commands"

Brings up the list of available commands.


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