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i don't know. hahaha. laura talk, im doing one about you. thats weird. yes that is what i said. i dont know. now you have to write it all again haha. aeopirjkn. cheater. chomp chomp chomp. are you having fun? i dont feel comfortable with you typing everything i say. fine i'll just stop talking. (loud sigh). thats weird. you know what i'm just gonna say everything is weird about you. fine i dont care. eh thats not nice. i am. huh? thats ok. did you say you cut your finger? its my knee. you cut your knee? you wanna see, its really deep. gross. (haley mumbles). she's going back. create. (kyle whistles...then clears his throat.) do you have mental issues? hi laura. how are you? but thats not what i wrote. i didn't try that, come on. say something. i no longer know him as mr.sand i now know him as the rat. no. is he gonna see this? click click click. what was that supposed to be? whats click click click. click. click. dot. kyle's gay. he likes men. hi. she. (laughing) haha. kyles gay he likes men. i am not gay. whatever laura put about me being gay is true. kyle doesn't know how to spell.

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