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Karyne: [talking about Melissa’s Jelly Bellies and the fact that she doesn’t like to eat the watermelon ones, but she likes to bite into them and look at them] Oh yeah! It does sort of look like a watermelon!
Jennifer: I’m leaving.

Sarah: [looking through old SCM magazines, coming across a graduate from 1989 with some big poof on his head] Yeah, well, he’s Russian.
Jennifer: So did he have to get the hair from everyone in Russia put on his head before he came here?
Sarah: No! He’s Russian and that’s a big furry hat on his head.
Jennifer: Oh.

Melissa: [Photoshopping a picture of Veronika with some help from Sarah.]
Sarah: Karyne, I’m sorry I’m digitally touching your girlfriend’s boob.
Karyne: I don’t even have an answer for that.

Melissa: You’re lying.
Karyne: [Not hearing her correctly] I’m color blind?!

Karyne: Maybe we should go for cheese steak today?
Sarah: No, no cheese steak. And anyway, it’s Margaret’s birthday. We’re having cake today.
Karyne: You’re right. That’s just too much “–ake” in one day.
Sarah: I friggin’ LOVE you!

Sarah: They have my favorite drink. A Drunken Bastard. It has… [lists a bunch of gross alcohol that I couldn’t quite catch]
Karyne: That sounds like hell.
Melissa: That sounds like Sarah.

Karyne: [Entering Sarah and Melissa’s office] Woot!
Melissa: Buuuuurp buuuuurp.
Karyne and Sarah: [laughing uncontrollably]

Karyne: We're here for an Internet conference. You know, "the Web."

Melissa: [at Dunkin Donuts, after getting completely wasted at a gay bar, "Sisters", in Philly]: Hi, I'd like a dozen munchkins.
[brief pause]
Melissa: You know... 12.

Karyne: I love Zanoodles. You can get a sandwich, salad, and then get a chocolate bar.
Melissa: Oohmygod, they have a taco bar at Zanotto’s?
Karyne: Dude, I said “chocolate bar.”
Melissa: Who says “chocolate bar”? Say: Candy bar.

Karyne: You know, on
Sarah: Yeah.
Karyne: I wonder what happens if you really go to… nevermind, it’s probably a porn site.

Karyne: What's that guy's name who helps out with PW's Web site?
Melissa: SL. And thank god PW has him because...
Karyne: Because otherwise PW's Web site would look like it was made out of sticks.

Karyne: I have cramps. My tummy feels weird.
Sarah: Do you have to poop?

Karyne: Where are you going?
Sarah: [misspeaking] To heat down my suit.
Karyne: Wtf?
Sarah: To heat UP my SOUP.

Karyne: Veronika has a pillow and blanket in her car so she can take a nap at lunch time.
Melissa: She takes an hour at lunch?

Melissa: John anne... *send calls*

Deepa: When are we going to Milpitas?
Sarah: Did you say Mojitos?

Karyne: I have to go make water
[Melissa hears 'Go make water!']
[Melissa walks to bathroom door]
Melissa: Did you just tell me to go make water, and did I listen??

Melissa: What is with all this spam today!?
Sarah: I don't know! It's totally bogus!
[slams head against desk]
Sarah: I just said bogus

Karyne: [Talking with Sarah via IM about an e-mail she just received] How does that help me at all? Could that thing be any worse?
Sarah: It could be in comic sans font.
Karyne: That made me lol.

Sarah: Well, now I know how to do everything.
Karyne: Pretty much. All you need to do is learn how to make e-mail addresses for people.
Sarah: I'm not talking to you.

Karyne: I know one way to design and organize a Web site. And then in a year from now, everyone will be like "This sucks, I can't find anything"
And I'll be like "Yeah, but I can find EVERYTHING!"

Sarah: We need to come up with a description for "diversity."
Karyne: "We have black people!"

Sarah: So you want to write one more description and then go to bed?
Karyne: !!!
Sarah: I mean go to LUNCH. Wow, that was highly inappropriate, wasn't it?

[13:15] seharra: i can't believe the iphone rejected m's email.
[13:15] seharra: maybe it really is Jesus.
[13:15] Cruey3: lol
[13:15] seharra: it loves me SO much it won't let me read her emails.
[13:15] Cruey3: thank you, lord jesus...

Sarah: [Writing out the descriptions for the athletics site off the SCU home page] SOCCER. BASKETBALL. STEVE NASH. BRANDI CHASTAIN.
Jenna: Brandi Chastain! That's her name! I was trying to think of her name because she's the one who--
Karyne: -- took off her shirt. Hot.
Sarah: [Almost spits out her water because she's laughing]

Sarah: [Writing out the descriptions for the SCU home page] Acheiving. Achieving. Acheiving?
Karyne: Achieving. I before E.
Sarah: It just looks so wrong to me.
Karyne: I know. I hate those. Like "wiener." [laughs uncontrollably]
Sarah: Dude, when would you ever need to know how to spell "wiener"??????

Karyne: Ohmygod, I just told Sarah "KP wrote Melissa an Eckel" instead of "e-mail."

Sarah: Sigh. At least I'm good at Spider Solitaire.
Karyne: [laughs]
Sarah: What?! You have a day like this and tell me it isn't true...

Sarah: [brainstorming ideas of royalty free images] We need some generic images that are "Catholic." Cross is fine, but I don't like crucifixes. Something about dead Jesus.. you know.
Karyne: Hmm... How about "crown of thorns." Or.. stigmata. Or maybe an image of a statue of the Virgin Mary with blood coming out of her eyes?
Sarah: I don't like you very much.
Karyne: [evil laugh]

[10:52] seharra: we'll write effusiveness about the CAMPAIGN! GLORY GLORY can I get a HALLELUJAH!
[10:52] Cruey3: can i get an ETHOS
[10:52] seharra: Praise be to the pedagogy of engagement!
[10:53] Cruey3: and to community of inclusive excellence
[10:54] seharra: Hear me Jesus!
[10:54] Cruey3: halle-strategic brief.
[10:54] seharra: Academic excellence be with yoU!
[10:54] Cruey3: and also with you.
[10:55] seharra: let us give one another the sign of endowment.

Sarah, about Melissa leaving scoo edu and us being sad:
[10:50] seharra: it's like you're helping a friend dump an abusive relationship, but she has to move out of town to keep the ex from stalking her.
[10:51] Cruey3: actually, this job is a little like domestic violence.
[10:52] seharra: a little bit, yeah
[10:52] Cruey3: but with benefits.

[13:26] Cruey3: how do you show prestige?
[13:26] seharra: a lab!
[13:26] seharra: a planetarium!
[13:26] Cruey3: a submarine!

[13:23] seharra: i have blocked a lot of this from my memory. Dolores LaGuardia and the professional development that never was. Tension. Marketing briefs.

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