Lord Coogly was born Wi'Mek Coogliniath to the Darkspear tribe of Jungle Trolls. He is the 3rd son of the 12-sibling Coogliniath family, and regarded as the most powerful of the line. His eldest brother, T'chali Coogliniath was a brewer who was killed by ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains. His immediate older sibling, Zalazane Coogliniath, disgraced the family when he took the Echo Isles as his own and inhabited it with his mindslaves. Coogly got his start as a soldier when he defeated Zalazane. When Coogly returned to Stranglethorn to fight rival troll tribes, he met the warlock Clogal, who was studying the necromancing techniques of Zanzil. The two became close friends and frequently fought at eachother's side. That is, until the fateful day Coogly saved a strange being from a attack by demons in Azshara. The being, a True Murloc, identified the troll as the incarnation of their god Coog. They took him to Gurglonia and told him of their holy crusade, to stop Mezzlos from entering the world and violating it a second time. Coogly accepted the quest, and was crowned Honorable Lord Wi'Mek Coogliniath, although his closest subordinates knew him as Lord Coogly. Around the same time, Clogal had decided to destroy Azeroth and rebuild it in his name, using Mezzlos as his means. Coogly confronted him, and swore he would defeat the Grand Molester and kill his former best friend if need be. Coogly formed the city of Zul'Coog, which is mostly sunken and requires the Blessing of Coog to enter. It's above land portion is disguised as Yojimba Isle by the Zandalar tribe, who are loyal to Coogly. It is in this Holy City that Coogly dwells , and plots the downfall of the U.C.E. Lord Coogly tamed a Warp Stalker, once named Chad "Blinks" McGee, which is now known as Coogstalker. This faithful beast never leaves his side, and the duo is said to be impossible to defeat, even for Clogal. Coogly, in fact, is one of the few known beings who are currently capable of defeating the Defiler. At the height of his power, Coogly was reknowned as a hero of the Horde and Team Murloc. His two faithful guardians, Manblarg the Shaman and a Blood Elf Magister known as Linbaien never left his side. The team resided at Zul'Coog, where they fought not only the U.C.E., but any demonic force that threatened their world. As fate would have it, however, the traitorous shaman Inkempokem, formerly Manblarg's apprentice, revealed to Clogal the location of the Sunken Haven, and the Defiler took his full force to wipe out his enemy. The Murlocs fought valiantly, but were unable to hold Clogal, who had now summoned the Grand Molester in his full form. Coogly and his two comrades entered the fray, with Manblarg killing his student Inkempokem. Coogly met Clogal in single combat, and was forced to drive a spear through his former best friend's chest. Although Clogal was defeated, Mezzlos still remained. Coogly, witnessing the death of Coogstalker at the demon's hands, charged the Mezzlester. Following this, a cataclysmic explosion occured, destroying the city of Zul'Coog and the U.C.E. Manblarg, the sole survivor, returned to Gurglonia to tell the remaining army of Lord Coogly's fate. Manblarg then went into isolation, insisting he would not return until he meets his old friend. Linbaien has never been seen since the battle, and it can be presumed that he perished. Recently, a young red-haired rogue enlisted in the Durotar Militia. This Troll goes by the name of Ting'Mek, although he is sometimes known by his closest comrades as Coogly. In addition, he bears a striking resemblance to the fallen Lord. Ting'Mek is most likely called Coogly due to his similar looks and morals, although it is not known for sure whether or not this is the real Coogly. Some insist that the new Coogly is Wi'Mek with amnesia, and that the avatar of Coog had merely forgotten all of his fighting techniques and magic. Others say Ting'Mek is nothing more than a coincidence. Still, the name Coogly has become less of a person, and more of a title. Ting'Mek, although still a novice, shows promise and vision. This, complimented by his eerie resemblance to the original, has earned Ting'Mek the title of Coogly. However, it was recently revealed that Ting'Mek is a guise, this Troll was actually Gadashi Coogliniath, one of Coogly's sons. He has officially joined Team Murloc and is away on an unknown mission. The real Coogly, unfortunately, is indeed dead. In his stead, the returned Magister Linbaien has taken control of the orgnization with Far Seer Manblarg. Although his mortal spirit is no longer tethered to the realm of the living, Lord Coogly lives on as a symbol of light for thoe who would take a stand against the likes of Clogal and the demonic forces they associate with.

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