Cool Characters On Parade is a song consisted in a spoof of the Dumbo's original song: Pink Elephants On Parade, and it is created by Tvmoviegamefan36.


Shut Up! Shut Up!

Cool Characters On Parade

Here they go!

Tickety Pockety

They're up and down

Cool characters whenever you want

Shut up! Shut up!

They're coming at the home

For their fate

Tickety Pockety

Enclosed in a lot

Cool Characters On Parade

What'll I Smell?

What'll I Smell?

What a fabulous dream

I would like talk with a group of sea wolves

And play with the sadistic sea dogs

But fantastic Cartoons Series and Movies, they're really is a very big surprise for me

I am not the type to laugh

When things are cold or things are hot

But having got friends you know that are here,can obviously give you a mammoth joy

What a nut!

Watch'em around! Watch'em Around!

I am lost, need your luck

Cool Characters On Parade

Cool Characters

Cool Characters

Cool Characters

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