Harry Potter as Jack Deebs (Real Form)

Ginny Weasley as Holli Would (Real Form)

Neville Longbottom as Frank Harris (Real Form)

Jenny (Oliver and Company) as Lonette

Cecelia (We're Back a Dinosaur Story) as Holli Would (Animation Form)

Louie (We're Back a Dinosaur Story) as Jack Deebs (Superhero Animation Form)

Professor Screweyes (We're Back a Dinosaur Story) as Sparks

Captain Neweyes (We're Back a Dinosaur Story) as Dr Whiskers

Veruca Salt as Jenifer Malley

Violet Beauregarde as Isabelle Malley

Rex as Slash

Dweebs as Mash

Woog as Bash

Elsa as Bob

Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh) as Frank Harris (Animation Form)

John Darling (Peter Pan) as Nails

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