Cora Gets Grounded For Eternity was a GoAnimate special with the transcript and plot made by PB&JOtterisnumber1.


Cora makes two fake VHS openings on YouTube and then purchases Barney's Great Adventure on DVD and South Park: The Stick of Truth for the XBOX 360. Her dad comes and grounds her. Her dad also calls Sophie and her friends over to Cora's house to teach her a lesson, banning her from doing anything Barney or South Park-related with punishments. Scootch, Pinch, and Baby Butter point at Cora and send her to Canada. Cora was in the bedroom watching her DVDs and VHS's which are not Barney or South Park-related and playing with her plush toys and action figures which are not Barney or South Park-related.


  • Ivy as Cora from Smart Cubs, Giggles from HTF, Lily from Leapfrog, Scootch Raccoon, Blossom, Beast Boy, KawaiiSugarBunny, The TailsGirls Jade, Ako, and Tiff.
  • Kimberly as Roobear Koala, Pablo, and Peanut Otter.
  • Young Guy as Johnny Test, Tad from Leapfrog, and Nutty from HTF.
  • Kayla as Sophie The Otter, Mary Test, Amy Wong, Mimi Rabbit, and Jelly Otter.
  • Princess as Sydney Otter, Starfire, and Susan Test.
  • Kidaroo as Robin and Floppy Rabbit.
  • Tween Girl as Laura Koala, Cuddles from HTF, Leap from Leapfrog, Buttercup, Uniqua, and Raven.
  • Kendra as Tyrone.
  • Shy Girl as Woody Woodpecker, Flaky from HTF, and Baby Butter Otter.
  • Wiseguy as Cyborg.
  • Julie as Petunia from HTF and RocketPowerGal24.
  • Eric as Toothy from HTF and Alex Kimble.
  • Kate as Turanga Leela.
  • David as Mime from HTF and Philip J Fry.
  • Steven as Handy from HTF.

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