Cora Stein is the secretary for Hanno Bricks. She is also the love interest of Hans Obuch. Her looks are described in a slightly unclear way in the book, but from the pictures, one can see that she has hair no longer than to her shoulders, she has glasses, and Hans likes to call her Butterfly, as oposed to calling her Cora. Hans sees her first while Wilhelm Bricks is giving a speech. He later has a little chat with her at a bar, and they hit it off right away. He was first interested in her because he noticed that after Wilhem Bricks gave his speech, she was the only one not clapping. After talking to her he found out that she had writen the speech for Wilhelm. Cora is also the person who tells Obuch that the picture of the soldier that he had stolen from Tamara's purse was that of Hanno Bricks. When Karlchen's father dies, she goes to stay with Cora and Cora's mother. Cora is the first real inside link Hans gets with the Bricks family.

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