Our first Core Team meeting, which Fred unfortunately was unable to attend was at 4pm (PST) on Friday, 1/20 at Wayfarer Cafe in the U District. Craig called Ma'ikwe from the Cafe and she was able to participate remotely for the first part of the meeting.


  1. Check-in
  2. Who we are relative to the event
    1. experiences
    2. expertise
    3. weaknesses that might impact the event
  3. Event Status relative to key organizations
    1. FIC
    2. NICA
    3. Communities
      1. Review our communities
      2. Lost Valley
    4. Other Organizations
      1. Journeys Rites of Passage
      2. ???
  4. Event Wiki Review

In our 2.5 hour meeting, we did not get to the final topic, reviewing this wiki, which was actually a good thing given the poor wireless access at the cafe.


AoC Leadership Meeting, Jan 20, 2006

Present: B., Craig, & Syd, with Ma’ikwe on cell phone.

We had fairly long introductions, including who we are relative to the event. Community experiences, expertise of any kind, plus weaknesses that might impact our work in event planning.

Event status: FIC will approve proposals, with our key contact being Harvey Baker. Craig is keeping organizations up to date on what we’re doing, ideas we have, etc. NICA has put $5000 forward for seed money toward this AoC in hopes that it can be paid back later, but understanding there is no guarantee. The NICA board will play a very supporting role in hosting FIC board members for their meetings and helping to arrange overnights not only at Songaia but at other neighboring communities.

We each talked about our home communities and the level of support we have from them in the planning and development of AoC. It’s too early to say what other people from our communities might do exactly, but there is interest & moral support generally, and a likelihood of some more involvement, at the very least to provide overnight stays to some people who’d come from out of town for AoC.

In particular, Craig said that Lost Valley wants to be involved and at one point wanted to host the AoC on their land. We won’t be having LV as the event site (we favor a civic site in Seattle), but we may ask Diane from LV to play a specific and ongoing role in planning. More needs to be explored, including possibly LV hosting a spring gathering that would help publicize the AoC and get folks from Oregon more likely to participate with us in Sept.

Lastly, though there are many organizations we have in mind to network with and seek sponsorship from, we just talked about Journeys—Rites of Passage as one likely association to be developed. Since there are shelters and other equipment which Stan, the owner or director of Journeys has on Songaia land, this relationship may have more to do with the FIC board meetings, but there is interest (expressed by Stan) to cooperate on AoC things as well.

We tabled the Event Wiki Review item, and can cover it next meeting. Meanwhile, Craig will talk with Ma’ikwe in between this meeting and the next to help give overview to wiki and how to use/edit our planning pages.

Misc. about other NW cmties: Tryon Farm, NICA’s good history, Park(e) from Emma Goldman Finishing School in Seattle has expressed interest to be on leadership team. We will ask him to come to a meeting, see if he wants to play a role. (Q: who specifically will contact him?) We need people to help with each direction besides just having one person to represent each shield.

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