• 2:30 - Informal Gathering
  • 3:00 - Meeting starts - Ma'ikwe to call Craig's Cell
  1. House Keeping: Craig
    1. Meeting Scribe? Today? Permanent?
    2. Time-keeping? Today? Permanent?
    3. Last Meeting Minutes Review/Check-in
    4. Agenda Review
  1. West: Ma'ikwe
    1. Western Team: Ma'ikwe/Gretchen
    2. Revised schedule proposal
    3. Plenary Folks
    4. "Call for Contributions" status
  1. North: Craig
    1. Meeting with FIC Oversight Committee May 25, 3pm?
    2. Building the Event Team
      1. Extended Team Candidates
        1. Board/Imp list - who do we know will be there?
          1. Harvey, Auction Manager
  1. East: Syd
    1. Event Promotion
      1. "Website Strategy"?
    2. Sponsorship
      1. Amount pledged
      2. Amount collected
  1. South: Parke
    1. Accounting
      1. Account status?
      2. Current Balance?
    2. Insurance
    3. Sales Tax
    4. Registration
    5. Promotional Database (Craig)
  1. Southwest: Fred
    1. Event Venue
      1. Contract


Present: Gretchen, Syd, Craig, Fred, Parke (scribe), Ma’ikwe by phone; Brad absent

1. Check-ins
2. Parke agreed to be the scribe, permanently
3. Gretchen agreed to be time-keeper, permanently

Following Up Old Business
4. Syd on a marketing charette: still hoping something will come together; Craig volunteered, Syd will seek to get others involved as well. Syd would like to assemble a team of folks outside of Seattle to generate interest elsewhere (such as in Eugene). TASK: Craig will create a space on the wiki to build out lists of names for extended teams, including this. TASK: Craig will work with Syd on out-of-town names, and timeline for distribution of materials.
5. Sponsorship letter is close to final. Syd reduced the number of complimentary tickets for sponsors by one.
6. Syd tried to send out a Save the Date email on the NICA list but it didn’t work; TASK: Syd will send email to Craig who will post it on the NICA list.
7. Call for contributions letter is now final and correct (document dated April 12).
8. Insurance issues at Bastyr: they require a million dollar insurance policy, which we provide.
9. Checks from Sunrise have been ceremoniously passed to Parke.
10. TASK for Fred: can we have catering at Bastyr; when we do we need to provide the final meal count; meal tickets.
11. Locally, we will reach out to targeted communities for contributions.

12. The West team is getting organized, with regular phone meetings between Ma’ikwe and Gretchen
13. Gretchen will work on Pre-conference communities tour: Goodenough, Emmas, and Duwamish Co-housing and the Quiet time in the mornings (?)
14. Pre-conference tours: how do we handle that? Charge extra?
15. Ma’ikwe is starting to get more calls for presentations, some look very interesting. Jan Steinman has submitted a proposal, and others from the FIC network. Gretchen feels we need a coordinated strategy of outreach materials. TASK: we should email what we’ve done to circulate the Call directly to Ma’ikwe.
16. TASK: Gretchen will send around who the Call has been sent to by core team members. Gretchen made a sample letter to accompany the Call. There are many other lists we could send to. TASK: we should go home and brainstorm a list of where we’re sending. TASK: Gretchen will email her draft cover letter to the whole core team.
17. Plenary speakers: Ma’ikwe is worried about starting so early on Sunday. Lisa Fitzhugh can only speak on Friday and is keyed up to do it. We have two FIC speakers, Laird and Diana. What is the most appropriate place for Diana? Perhaps 20-minute plenary spot on Sunday morning. Perhaps have Diana speak on Saturday morning and then host an “open space” for forming communities. Maybe not put Laird and Diana in the same slot. Perhaps Laird speaks early so folks know who to connect to; similarly with Diana. Perhaps the same for Geoph K. Laird as MC or introducer on Friday night? How about: Laird on Friday evening, and Diana on Saturday morning? TASK: Ma’ikwe will reorganize the schedule and email a new configuration. Can we have a podium in the cafeteria and a dinner speaker on Saturday night, to close the day? Maybe add Cecile Andrews to the list—Saturday night slot? Or with Vicki on Sunday? TASK: Parke send Lisa Fitzhugh’s contact info to Ma’ikwe.

18. Building the team. As a reminder that stuff is coming down the pike. What does the West need in terms of more people to fill more jobs? Childcare coordination? Housing for out-of-town attendees (especially people who are on the program)? We need to figure out how this works, especially for speakers. East: The charrette as a way of building the promotional team. Syd wants to have a local organizational meeting to get the ball rolling. We should be thinking about day-of-event types of needs as well, such as greeters (in the East). Hopefully, we can double-dip and use the same volunteer for multiple functions. Perhaps we should have general volunteer meetings to recruit folks for all areas. “Volunteer coordinator” is a North function. We can count on FIC folks for day-of-event stuff. But we need most of it to come from local folks. We need a whole plan for recruiting and training of volunteers.
19. Joint meeting with FIC oversight committee before the 90-day advance refund deadline from Bastyr on June 8. May 25 is a proposed date for a conference call to review the event, make sure we’re ready to go. Harvey recommended this; Craig is in favor. AGREED: we will do this conference call on May 25 at 3:00 pm.
20. Harvey will be auction manager and will work with South; it will be accounted for separately. Harvey will be in touch with Parke about logistics. TASK: Fred will let Parke know of some ideas of people who like to procure stuff. “Sustainable Auction” only reused and barter-able stuff?

21. Syd is putting the word out, and noting events where we can do outreach-y things. TASK: We need to get more printed stuff to distribute, especially plenary speakers. We should add Laird and Diana right away, and others as they commit. Various events coming up to promote, including the big City Repair event in Portland. Global Sustainability Conference coming up in June. Urban Habitat forum in Vancouver in June, etc.
22. Sponsorship: Stan Crow is interested in sponsorship, no decision yet; Bert Bradley is thinking about $500; Ben Kaufman hasn’t responded yet; Re-Store is friendly but hasn’t committed yet. Could other events sponsor in the form of getting a booth? Syd asked if others have good prospects for sponsorship. Do we want to broadcast to communities?
23. Money already in: $1000 from the International Puppy Dogs Movement (check received but not yet deposited) TASK: Syd will send check to Parke, along with her invoice. TASK: Fred will send Sunrise deposit slips etc. to Parke. And $5,000 from NICA (already deposited). Checks made out to “FIC.”
24. We should send three different emails, one for save-the-date, one for sponsorships, one for call for (presentation) contributions. And the email should be written in a way that is easily forwarded, perhaps with a link for more detail. Do we have a website? We need to update the FIC website and create links for sponsorship and call to contributions, etc. Save-the-date first, then a couple days later send other materials. TASK: Craig and Syd will discuss improvements/updates to website.
25. Community sponsors: should we revise the sponsorship letter to emphasize potential community sponsors. We agreed that we should tailor the cover email to specific community prospects.

26. We currently have a balance of $4,500 in the bank. $1,000 to be deposited. Approximately $800 due to Syd.
27. Insurance info. TASK: Fred will update Parke on that.
28. Sales Tax (for FIC bookshelf)/Admissions Tax? TASK: Parke will research, contact Tony about usual practice of FIC Bookshelf. Contact Harvey about tax implications of auction.
29. Registration. Set up $5 increments of ticket prices. TASK: Parke will send around the current set-up on BPT for comments from the core team.
30. There is no dinner on Friday in our contract with Bastyr. How do we attract folks on Friday night? Should dinner be involved? Invitation-only founders dinner? There was a lot of interest in this subject. TASK: Fred and Gretchen will discuss this by phone.
31. Promotional database: database of people we have contacted, and those who have registered. How does BPT capture registrants contact info? And then, what do we do with them? We need to create a buzz, get registrants to forward the word. Possible regular ongoing communication with everyone who has signed up. Building the buzz…

32. Outstanding questions: catering; final date for meal count; who does the meal tickets (do they have pre-printed meal tickets); alcohol? Bastyr does all the menu planning.
33. Contract is signed and completed. Deposit ($500) has been paid.
34. Has Syd approached Bastyr about sponsorship?

35. Check-outs

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